trivsa is the community that rewards you for cycling

You know that cycling is good for yourself and for the whole city.
We know it too, so that's why we want to reward you when you cycle.

We reward cyclists

We want to motivate and reward cyclists. Just cycle with the mobile app and choose among the rewards.

Check how much you cycle

You can use the app to track yourself alongside other apps or just by itself. In any case you will know how much you are cycling

Get points and rewards

Get points for cycling, and redeem rewards at local partners in your local community

Badges and achivements

Unlock badges and achievements!


Help your local community

Help your local community. You make your neighbourhood a nicer place to live in

Stay fit and healthy

Cycling makes you fit and healthier, and boosts your mood

Make your city greener

By using the bicycle you are eco-friendly and make your city greener. Everybody likes greener cities!

  • « Step 1: cycle »

    Cycling is good for yourself and for the people around you.

  • « Step 2: earn points »

    We make cycling more fun :)

  • « Step 3: get rewarded »

    Choose among the rewards that we offer you.

Meet the Team

We are a small, talented, and friendly team. We have the goal of promoting cycling, and we are all passionate about our mission of more liveable and fun cities.

We also rely on a group of fantastic partners and supporters.



Urban cyclist, Team Lead

Luca loves to bike. He takes care of the development



Urban cyclist, UX Designer

Yanina helps to deliver a great experience




Jackie dedicates herself to making our solutions and communications beautiful



We are expanding!

Are you passionate about improving the urban life and have talent? We are looking in particular for tech roles and for people to promote trivsa

Our mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Ready to use it? Contact us to know how to download it.

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Frequently asked questions

We have summarized the most common questions we get:

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